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Blister Packing Machine

Executive Summary

Blister packets have become increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical industry due to their tamper-resistant packaging, long shelf life, childproofing, single-dose packages and ability to print lot numbers and expiration dates for each dose. Blister Packing machines are particularly technology-driven require the most speed, flexibility, safety and vision inspection systems, better quality and maximum sustainability.

Lubi provides complete range of hardware and software solutions that facilitate the most complex developments in operation, visualization, control and drive technology to full fill customers requirements.

Industrial Requirements

OEMs are expecting solutions that drastically reduce time to market for new products.

To meet the demand in market required to use technology including motion, control and vision systems etc. Servo drives to help deliver the speed and seamless interaction needed to attain high production rates. PLC's to improve system performance, operation and diagnosis faster and easier. The HMI allows operators to more easily identify and diagnose many problems, as well as helping to monitor and control machine parameters, alarms and recipes.


The blister packing machine is a high speed, highly accurate technology driven system ideal for Pharmaceutical industries for tablet packing .

The tablets are feed from hopper which is placed in cavity row by auto feeder unit. Auto feeder unit is synchronized with packets so that  feed tablets only when foil is in steady condition.

Aluminum foil is feed through servo motor as per packet length when cavity stations are at lower position. It receive start command from encoder which is mounted on main motor shaft.

Main motor is driven by VFD whose speed is controlled by PLC. User can set speed as per requirements in form of packets / min.  Cavity stations is mounted on main shaft which is geared with main motor. All four stations moves up and down continuously.

First two stations creates cavity as per tablet shape. Third station having heaters to seal base foil and lead foil. Last station having cutter arrangement as per required design of packets.

On lead foil stamping and printing of batch no. Expiry date  and other information will  print . Stamping and printing also in synchronization with encoder.

System Architecture



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