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Multi Head Line Polishing

Executive Summary

Line polishing machine is required to polish natural unfinished stones to polished stone. By using this machine variety of size stones can be polished. Variety of quality is possible like semi finish, single side finish, mirror finish etc… Also with polished stone we get flat surface.

Line polishing machine have become increasingly popular due to their high production, high quality final product, accuracy, and require less man power. Line polishing machine’s are particularly technology driven require the most speed, flexibility, safety and better quality and maximum sustainability.

Lubi provides complete range of hardware and software solutions that facilitate the most complex developments in operation, control and drive technology to full fill customers requirements.

Industrial Requirements

OEMs are expecting solutions that drastically reduce time to market for new products.

To meet the demand in market required to use technology including motion, control etc. PLC's to improve system performance, operation and diagnosis faster and easier. The HMI allows operators to more easily identify and diagnose many problems, as well as helping to monitor and control machine parameters, alarms and recipes.


Line polishing machine is a high speed, Highly accurate technology driven system ideal for ceramics / stone industries.

Stone is feed through conveyor from entry side where entry limits mounted. Entry limits scans profile of slab and according to head position head performs up and down.

Conveyor runs continuously when slab present at head, head executes according to profile scan at entry side. If slab not present, head moves upward. Movement of bridge speed also controlled by VFD so becomes accurate at corner side.

Head position (Up and Down) also controlled by proximity sensors that it should not move up & down more than it's required position. Bricks finish protection given, if bricks finish, machine stops and gives message of "Bricks finish at particular head".

Main motor is driven by VFD whose speed is controlled by PLC. User can set speed as per requirements in form of square meter. 



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