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Executive Summary

Machine manufacturer are always face challenges towards increasing global competition and evolving new standards in technology. Packaging Industry demands product packaging through VFFS machine with High Production output, consistent reliability and good product quality with low manpower requirements and reduced installation and maintenance cost.

Lubi Offers top to bottom, Standard based solutions for the industrial control and automation market segment that can help manufacturers design, develop and deliver products for the connected enterprise.

Industrial Requirement

The diverse industrial control and automation market segment provides developers with wide range of requirements including high process output, low power consumption, precision,long-life support and standard based quality.

To meet the demand in market, required to use graphic intensive Human Machine Interface and other motion related automation products with adoption of new technologies. Fundamental and flexible solutions are necessary in the industry from installation to service support.


Vertical Form Filling and Sealing (VFFS)machines are used in automated line packaging system for packing of liquid and different solid dry products. Machine operates on the basic fundamental concept of gravity that material flows from top and vertical bag seal when film is moving and horizontal seal or cutting when film stops. Machines with continuous motion operates with vertical and Horizontal seal when film is running without stopping the machine.

Vertical form filling and sealing machines (VFFS)are mainly used to pack the consumer goods for retail market for variety of different products. Various products like snacks, wafers, salt, sugar, tea, spices, candies, dry powder other liquid products like milk, cold drinks.

Fully Automatic machine required less manpower to operate the machine, only loading of the hopper with material required, changing the Film on unwinding shaft and to collect the packed products.

Different types of hoppers are also available with Augur Filler, Volumetric Cup Filler and Multi Head Weigher. Speed and the weighing depends on this weighing system for more productive machines.

Block Diagram

Process of VFFS Machine

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