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Wrap Around Hot Melt Labeling Machine

Executive Summary

Machine manufacturer are face challenges towards increasing global competition and rapidly evolving  technology. Labeling product demands  machines  with high production output, consistent reliability and good product quality with low manpower requirements and reduced installation and maintenance cost.
Lubi provides automation solutions that can help machine manufacturers to improve labeling machine performance  by design, develop and deliver right products  & meet customer’s requirement.


Industrial Requirements

Machine manufacturer or end users expect labeling machine to be more productive, High performance, Flexible and Scalable, Easy to use & cost effective.  
To meet the demand in market, required to use graphic intensive human machine interface, High speed programmable logic controller  and  advanced motion related automation products with adoption of new technologies. Fundamental  and flexible solutions are necessary in the industry from installation to service support.



The wrap around hot melt labeling machine is a high speed system ideal for labeling on body of round plastic or glass bottles.

The label is basically flat printed roll of polythene. Label is pulled from roll by means of rubber roller  driven by servo systems & cut by cutter mechanism.

The cutter mechanism is rotary drum type arrangement with vertical blade on its periphery which rotates continuously and controlled by variable frequency drive. Encoder is mounted on rotary cutter for feedback.

The label is delivered by the servo motor controlled by PLC whose response time and speed is very fast.  Cutter is electronically synchronized with color mark sensor, which sense particular mark on label.

Label stick on vacuum drum on which hot glue is sprayed on both end of label. The hot glue dispensing unit is also synchronized by using encoder feedback to form a uniform glue pattern. Glue is sprayed only when label is present on drum & it is sense by label sensor.

The bottle is rolled over the label and on completion of label application bottle will discharged on the out feed conveyor


System Architecture



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