Life At Lubi

At Lubi Electronics, we nurture a friendly culture here which motivates our team to bring out the best every day!

Grow Above and Beyond

We feel that our people are our most valuable asset, as employees play a critical part in determining who we are as a company. We strive to develop a culture that values diversity, creativity, and quality while also emphasizing employee compassion and consideration.

We thoroughly examine all employee rules and practices to ensure that they are in our employees’ best interests. From administered remuneration to other forms of rewarding employees, we have everything in place to ensure that our employees are completely satisfied.

We work hard to provide a safe, pleasant, hygienic, and comfortable workplace for our employees. We foster in an engaging way that makes working a pleasure.

Perks and Benefits

The employees at Lubi Electronics are entitled to get a wide range of benefits that ensures their 360-degree development, quality work-life balance, fun & interactive work atmosphere, suitable incentives, rewards, bonus and much more.

  • Competitive Salary

  • Job Security

  • Pleasant Work Atmosphere

  • Career Advancement

  • Work - Life Balance

  • Safety & Welfare

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Employee Testimonial

Inside Lubi it’s a different productive world where everything is governed by expertise and providing enhanced solutions for passing market expectations. The environment at Lubi allows employees to focus on their balanced professional and personal life. In hard times like pandemic, I can contribute to the organization while still being safe with my family.

Snehal Salot , Product Manager

In 2006, I was employed by Lubi Group. Before entering any organization, two factors must be considered: the team and the nature of the job. This supports one's decision to join a firm because it incorporates the company's ethics, goals, and members. Lubi Electronics has performed admirably on all of these fronts.

Ujaval Joshi , Administrative Manager

Latest Job Opportunities

Graphic Designer

Experience: 3-5 yrs

Ahmedabad (Nana Chiloda)
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Application Engineer (PLC)

Experience: 1 to 3 yrs

Nana Chiloda (Ahmedabad) / Mumbai
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Senior Engineer (Sales & Marketing)

Experience: 2 to 4 yrs

Nana Chiloda (Ahmedabad)
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